The CHAIN is a Movement for Educational Transformation

Every human mind is unique and priceless and needs the right conditions in which to flourish, especially when we are young. Despite many noble attempts, no education system in the world has yet been designed which manages to create these conditions for all our children equally.

Watch Michael Rosen, children's Laureate, as he describes everything that is wrong with the current education system and what to do about it in just 11 minutes!

The current education system in the UK has never been truly non-selective (comprehensive), and has been further corrupted by the introduction of market forces into the school system.

Competition and its associated infrastructure, sold on the myth of choice, including OFSTED inspections and published League Tables has hi-jacked what was once a service for young people into a servant of profit-motivated industry.

This direction is a tragedy for the young people concerned, and also for our world as a whole. What we need is an education system which can produce a well informed, socially confident and intellectually creative generation of young adults who will be able to steer us towards a different future based on equality and sustainability. This will benefit everyone.

Alternatives to the current market driven approach already exist and work. One example is Wroxham Primary School in Hertfordshire, which describes itself as a Listening school where no child is labelled by ability, in which staff have inclusive values, work collaboratively and are supported by their school leaders to teach without limits. For more information about such approaches to teaching, go to the www.learningwithoutlimits.co.uk.

To make such opportunities available for all children we are calling on concerned people to join together in a movement for educational transformation. We call it The Chain.

A chain can symbolise imprisonment but it can also symbolise strength, connection and unity. Everyone who wishes to can become a unique link in the chain of transformation.

The Failing Pupil

He says no with the head
but he says yes with his heart
he says yes to everything that he loves
he says no to his teacher
he stands upright
he is being tested
the tasks are set
when suddenly
he is gripped by wild laughter
and he deletes everything
the words and the numbers
the dates and the names
the sentences and the agonies
and despite the threats from the teacher
accompanied by the screams of the star pupilsv he draws with chalks in all colours
on the blackboard of misery
the face of happiness.

Jacques Prevert (1900 -1977) - translation by Cornelia Broesskamp